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The WMS Group appoint a new Head of Sales for its ever-growing Motorcycle Division

The WMS Group appoint a new Head of Sales for its ever-growing Motorcycle Division

Since its relaunch and rebranding in January 2018, The WMS Motorcycle arm of the WMS Group has gone from strength to strength. With a rapid up take of motorcycle warranties and several new dealers on board, demand for a warranty product tailored for UK motorcyclist has been extremely well received. This is not including the number of partnerships the WMS Group has developed with several motorcycle manufacturers to deliver them with personalised parts and labour warranties for their bikes.

Still not satisfied with these great achievements, The WMS Group will not be “resting on our laurels” and plan continue making great strives going forward providing our dealers with an award-winning product and a great service.

We continue to invest in the right people to represent our business, with both the right industry knowledge and offer great customer service to our dealers.

So, the WMS Group are delighted to announce a new addition to our ever-expanding team and welcome Gary Gladwin as our new Head of WMS Motorcycle Division. Gary brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience having spent decades of his working life dedicated to the Motorcycle industry.

Here we will take a little time to get to know the man himself and his plans for this exciting new challenge, driving the WMS Motorcycle division forward.

Q) “Firstly Gary on behalf of everyone at WMS, welcome to the family”
“Thank you it is a real pleasure to be here and to be joining one the UK leading warranty providers”

Q) “Can you please tell us a little bit about yourself and how you first discovered your love for everything Motorcycles?”
“Well it all seems such a long time ago now, but I have always had an interest in motorcycles from a young age. I was seven years old when I entered my first motocross race and from that moment I was hooked. Over the many years that followed I’ve been lucky enough to compete at some high calibre events all over the country and manage to always put in a good performance. Unfortunately, now that I am older, these days are limited to a few selected events but I still get the same ‘buzz’ from competing when I first started out.”

Q) “Having looked at your career experience it seems that you’ve had the enviable roles that combine work with your passion?”
“Very much so, motorcycles have been a passion for me from an early age, so I have been very fortunate to be able to combine my love motorcycle and work. Ever since my first full time job I’ve been in and around the Motorcycle industry for the best part of the last 30 years.”

Q) “Most recently you’ve been working for Madison in their Power-Sports division, how did the opportunity to join WMS arise?”
“Over the years I have meet hundreds of people involved in motorcycles and always try to keep in touch with as many as possible. Through this the opportunity came up to meet with the board of directors here at the WMS Group. I was very excited, in fact straight away it felt like I was coming home! The directors explained what their plans were for the role and the motorcycle division and very quickly a plan was formulated for me to take on the role as head of the Motorcycle Division.”

Q) “What are your initial plans to be implemented?”
“I am really looking forward to making contact with our dealer network and also the manufacturer programmes which are already in place. Some of these need re-igniting and nurturing to reach a realistic base. Undoubtedly there will be more opportunities with dealers and manufacturers not currently aware of or using WMS Motorcycle warranty product. I hope to speak to as many people as possible in the coming weeks”

Q) “The medium to long term plan must also be something you have given a lot of thought to?”
“Definitely! We are going to focus on a more visible presence with dealerships. We will be visiting Motorcycle Live and we shall be having a stand at the Motorcycle Trade Expo at Stoneleigh Park in January 2019 which will help get our products in front of the industry. I feel that with increased activity now within this sector from WMS our products will be placed higher up the Motorcycle dealerships agenda. We all know that times are challenging, especially in retail sales so maximising our commitment to exceptional Customer Service is imperative. This coupled with our ability to reduce costs will hopefully see us become a market leader.”

If you wish to discuss all your motorcycle warranty needs, Gary can be contacted at gary@wmsgroup.co.uk or alternatively you can call him on 07885 578 711.

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