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  • Online home delivery boom has seen huge increase in Light Commercial Vehicle (LCV) orders
  • The demand for used LCVs has brought delays in orders which is causing backlog for manufacturers
  • WMS Group is urging commercial fleet distributors to ensure LCVs of all ages are protected with warranty cover amid increasing mileage

With the UK’s ongoing shortage of used vans preventing many fleet operators from updating their ageing LCVs, WMS Group has revealed that robust warranty cover is essential to getting the most out of existing vehicles – whatever their age.

It comes as recent research has shown, unsurprisingly, the pandemic has spurred a boom in the e-commerce and logistics sectors, with online sales growing year-on-year by 74%, from January 2020 to January 20211.

Having a knock-on effect on the used van market, soaring LCV sales have resulted in delayed backlogs for new orders – leaving fleet decision makers struggling to update their ageing fleet.

At the same time, existing vehicles are being tested to their mechanical limits as soaring e-commerce sales mean greater delivery volumes than previous years – making them more prone to breaking down or in need of repair.

With this in mind, WMS Group, which offers a comprehensive suite of warranty solutions for LCVs, is urging fleet operators that haven’t done so already to ensure their vehicles are adequately protected against costly repairs with warranty cover.

Mark Bobbins, Head of Commercial Sales at WMS Group, said: “It’s no secret the LCV market is soaring amidst the ongoing pandemic. The growth in the used van markets is due to three reasons: the growth in the home delivery sector, vans working harder since lockdown, and replacement cycles being delayed whilst new vans were unavailable.

“Fleet operators therefore trying to plan ahead and overcome supply issues should consider how best to protect their existing fleet. Key to that is robust vehicle protection programme, which includes warranties and finance, insurance (F&I) products.

“Vehicle reliability and overall value for money is critically important for business owners across the country. That’s why fleet operators should be working with a trusted warranty provider with great customer service to help them choose the best warranty products suitable for their vehicles. Ultimately, at a time when it’s unclear when they’ll receive new vehicles, adequate warranty cover offers business owners much-needed peace of mind against costly repairs.”

According to WMS Group, although warranties aren’t currently a legal requirement, this makes it all the more important in today’s climate that vans, with a focus on older models having warranty protection.

Mark adds: “The shortage in used vans shows no signs of slowing down. Drivers are under increasing pressure to deliver higher volumes of goods faster, and often travelling longer distances. Naturally of course, this will impact and have wear and tear on your existing stock of LCVs. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure all stock is covered with adequate warranty cover, to be protected for all circumstances, and demands that need to be met.”

LCV commercial warranty at WMS offers customers a full range of products to meet customer needs, facilitates an additional revenue stream for dealerships by offering a warranty product, and improves customer retention with award-winning van dealer warranty and aftersales support.

Providing reliable extended warranty cover and other motoring protection to over 3,500 dealerships across the UK, WMS Group supplies a wide range of trusted solutions.

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