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Top Tips for Dealer to survive the second lockdown

Top Tips for Dealer to survive the second lockdown!

At WMS Group, we believe that dealers not only need to focus on what went well for them after the last lockdown, but also the following key areas:

Prepare – get business ready.

It is not only important to make sure the vehicles are prepared correctly, but that your business is ready for when lockdown ends. December/January traditionally see high volumes of used vehicle purchases. So, make sure sales staffs are clear on the products available and they can easily portray the key benefit to the customer.


Get organised and get your team sales ready. Compare all the leading products available so you know which products are best suited to your needs, as well as your customer needs. Talk to your suppliers, they are as keen as you are for lockdown to end, many are launching new product incentives and offerings. Make sure the products that they are presenting are right not just for you but your customers as well.


Make sure your team is ready to maximise sales opportunities. Don’t forget that we are open for business, so talk to us about your needs and requirements so we can help you too. We are as keen as you are for lockdown to end. Talk to us about new product incentives and offerings.


This is a great opportunity to make sure that all your team have a clear understanding of the products you sell and the benefits they offer the customer.

As always, WMS is here to help, so please speak to your Account Manager for advice and assistance.

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