Buying the product

A car warranty gives you protection against having to pay for repair or replacement of certain parts of your vehicle if they fail from mechanical or electrical failure. It's important to make sure that any warranty offered to you meets your needs and that you purchase the right one for the age and mileage of your vehicle.

The level of cover is shown on your policy documents provided at point of purchase.

This depends on your level of cover, all of which should be explained in the documentation supplied on the purchase of your vehicle.

This would depend on the level of cover you have on your vehicle.

The Agreement is Administered by WMS Group (UK) Ltd.

Making a claim

We suggest that You review Your cover prior to making contact to help process your Claim as smoothly as possible, with your policy documents also outlining the claims process. If, during the warranty period, you become aware of a possible Mechanical Breakdown in respect of a Covered Component which you believe is covered by the Warranty, you must promptly contact WMS (within seven days of the Mechanical Breakdown that You wish to make a Claim). WMS can be contacted either by Telephone 01844 293810 or email Claims@WMSgroup.co.uk.

We're pleased to say that there are no excess charges when you have a WMS warranty, however the labour rate paid may vary meaning that it may be better for you to have your vehicle repaired by a local independent repairer.

If you are a policy holder, we are pleased to say our internal systems will allow us to recognise you and your vehicle easily, all we need from you is your name, address and vehicle registration number.

Our office hours are 9:00am-5:00pm Monday to Friday, and we are also open on Saturday's between 9:00am-1:00pm, if you need to contact us out of these hours please email us at claims@wmsgroup.co.uk and a Claims Engineer will contact you as soon as possible. Please be aware that on occasion we do have high numbers of customers contacting us at the same time which may delay our response, but we will reply to you to help you with your claim as soon as possible. Please be aware that on occasion we do have high numbers of customers contacting us at the same time which may delay our response, but we will reply to you to help you with your claim as soon as possible.

When we agree a repair, we agree costs at the same parts and hourly labour rate as Our network Repairers charge. All repair times will be based on Industry Standards, with WMS Group (UK) Ltd using Autodata Repair Times Manual to confirm the number of hours of labour each repair will take.

As soon as the agreement becomes live after purchase.

Yes, if part of an approved warranty repair at an agreed labour rate.

No but we will contribute towards car hire as part of an approved warranty repair claim.

We have a network of approved repairers which we will advise you of, but if you have your own preferred repairer, that is fine as long as they adhere to the terms of the agreement.

This is the normal deterioration of a component during its working life rather than a sudden mechanical failure.

We pay by bank transfer once the invoice and bank details have been provided after the repair has been completed.

Yes, we need the repairer to call to discuss the claim before any work is carried out, for us to assess and approve or decline. As per the terms of the agreement we need contact for us to approve any repairs.

For servicing yes but not for warranty repairs.

Please call the claims team or read your documentation for the process to be explained.

The coverage is shown in the agreement details but if you have a query please call and we will be happy to advise.

Please provide their details and we will be happy to contact them on your behalf.

The agreement covers for sudden mechanical failures but not any inherent faults.

Repair work needs to be authorised by the claims teams for any payment to be agreed, the agreement does not pay retrospectively.

Please forward the repair invoice and relevant bank details for us to process payment by bank transfer.

The agreement does allow us to pay the repairer if that is within their terms and conditions, it would be their choice.

The agreement will have a payment ceiling, but we will only pay the exact costs for the current repair once agreed.

The labour rates are set at the same rate as our network of approved repairers, they are not set up for main dealers.

To keep the agreement, live the car must be serviced as per the manufacturer guidelines.

This would depend on the type of agreement you have on your vehicle.

Yes, we can provide them by email on request.

We don’t arrange this, but are happy to deal with any warranty claim.

We cannot comment on this as we only administer the warranty.

This would depend on the circumstances and the time the agreement has been in place.

If you have a mechanical issue, please notify us before the agreement expires for us to log and await further information about the claim.

The coverage depends on the level of the agreement and the details can be found in your warranty booklet.

We do not insist on where the car is repaired but will offer our approved repairers.

These will be detailed in your agreement booklet.

Yes, we can advise on your nearest approved repairer.

You can claim as many times as required to the claim limits, up to the current value of your vehicle.

We need to authorise all repairs before they are carried out to refund any claims.

Payment for the repair once this is completed is determined by the garage’s terms of trade.

Your claim has been rejected as the fault is not covered by the terms and conditions of the agreement.

The costs may vary depending on labour rates and parts costs that are above the claim terms and conditions.

his may depend on labour and parts costs being above the agreement levels.

Please give us a call in the claims department to discuss your concerns.

We have a network of repairers at an agreed rate but are happy to confirm any rates requested.

Yes, if the garage charges more we are happy if you agree to pay any difference required.

We will agree any costs for our liability as per the terms and conditions of the agreement.

If the issue is reported within the policy timescale we will assess a claim, please get the repairer to call within 7 days to discuss.

We will need a diagnosis reported for us to assess the fault to see if it is covered by your agreement.

Please notify us and provide a copy of the new v5 form for us to update our records.

Our normal payment terms are bank transfer after receipt of the invoice which is normally 3 – 5 working days.

We will provide the garage and yourself a claim number.

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