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Safe & Sound

Raising the standards of Automotive Warranty

Since its inception, Safe & Sound has always been a market leading warranty cover. As part of our ongoing development and WMS’s commitment to providing leading warranty products to UK automotive dealers.

Well, the best has now got better!

Safe & Sound is not just a vehicle warranty, but it has evolved to bring together warranty as part of a family of aftersales products under one enhanced, easier to use scheme. It also includes a range of Asset Protection products, such as GAP, Tyre & Alloy and SMART Repair Insurance.

Developed through extensive customer research, through the WMS Dealer Panel and listening to the needs of end users, it provides a complete, simple to use and flexible warranty solution.

Raising the bar with customers

Any vehicle covered – including cars, motorbikes, motorhomes, EV’s and commercial vehicles.

Complete customer peace of mind – that comes from the industry’s leading warranty cover.

Keeping your customers mobile – with roadside assistance and recovery included.

And for dealers

Increasing your profits – by up to 18% per vehicle.

More repeat business – happier customers mean loyal customers.

More workshop business – all the warranty work comes to you.

Easy to administer – designed to be easy for you and your customer.

What are dealers saying about Safe & Sound

“We’re delighted to be working with WMS to provide the Safe & Sound warranty product to our customers. Safe & Sound provides us with a quality, flexible solution that meets our customers’ needs, which fits perfectly with the prestige product and service we already offer.”

Barugzai Vehicles

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