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Commercial vehicle warranties

Commercial vehicle warranty

In recent years, comprehensive commercial vehicle warranties and repair agreements have become a prerequisite for dealers who truly value their customers.

With companies keeping their vehicles for longer, the main growth area in this sector is in the manufacturer’s warranty extension. As a result of this shift, the majority of our commercial vehicle partners are offering three years’ additional cover alongside R&M packages, to provide customers with full protection over the five years.

Older vehicles can also benefit from our comprehensive coverage, which in turn has aided a significant growth in the sale of used trucks and vans. The WMS Group are receiving record telephone enquiries for repair agreements from end users prior to their vehicle purchase, which indicates an unprecedented demand.

One of our major USPs is the inclusion of roadside recovery and repair. With a high percentage of breakdowns able to be fixed at the roadside, this gives the operator total incident management around the clock – even in the event that the fault is not covered under the agreement.

To find out more, please contact Mark Bobbins, Head of Commercial Operations at markb@wmsgroup.co.uk or 07962 234327.

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