Barugzai Signature Vehicles

Premium Vehicles with a Premium Warranty, Thanks to Safe & Sound

Luxury vehicle dealership Barugzai Signature Vehicles has joined WMS’ Safe & Sound family, offering customers of its premium vehicles a prestige level of warranty cover to match.

Now offering a uniquely catered level of cover for their customers that is suitable for its high-value vehicles, Barugzai upgraded its warranty cover from WMS’ previous VGS Repair & Maintenance product to ensure it was providing the highest level of cover appropriate for discerning customers purchasing distinctive and specialist vehicles.

Under the Safe & Sound brand, Barugzai is now able to offer its customers a complete suite of aftersales products across three cover levels, including a range of warranty and F&I products.

Barugzai Signature Vehicles opened its first retail showroom in Newcastle upon Tyne earlier this year and displays some of the world’s most luxurious vehicles.

Harry Rashid, co-owner of Barugzai, said: “Having a passion for customisation and modification of high-end vehicles, we decided to open our first showroom in Newcastle upon Tyne earlier this year, which was part of an ambitious plan to change the face of luxury used car retail in the North East and beyond.

“To do that, we require a range of complimentary services and products, including specialist warranty solutions – which is why we’re delighted to be working with WMS to provide the Safe & Sound warranty product to our customers. Safe & Sound provides us with a quality, flexible solution that meets our customers’ needs, which fits perfectly with the prestige product and service we already offer.”

In addition to Safe & Sound, Barugzai will also benefit from an everlasting relationship with WMS, with technical and marketing support and guidance on how to improve customer sales and services from additional after sales products.

Chris Witham, Account Manager for Barugzai Signature Vehicles at WMS Group, said: “We’re pleased to be able to provide specialist and unique support to Barugzai as they strive to grow their business over the coming months and years. A quality warranty solution creates confidence and provides peace of mind for the used car buyer, ultimately increasing vehicles sales, boosting retention and maximising profits for dealers. For Barugzai, the level of cover Safe & Sound provides is unrivalled, and we look forward to working with Harry and the team in the coming months and years.”

Safe & Sound is available to dealers trading in all used vehicles now.

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