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Business as usual at the WMS Group

Business as usual at the WMS Group , both for our staff and our dealer partners.

It has been three weeks now since the UK government allowed automotive car retailers to open their doors once again to the public. It is clear to see that the automotive industry is starting to make small steps towards returning to some form of normality, but it is clear to see that some things may never be the same again for our industry and many others like us.

What this period of uncertainty has taught me is that companies can react positively to adversity and dealerships can evolve. At WMS Group, we have always maintained that for our customers it is “business as usual” but is it really the case? As our industry changes, we need to evolve and innovate in the same way that our dealer partners have done. We have seen several great examples of how our dealer partners have taken the initiative and developed new ways of thinking in how they promote, sell, and deliver vehicles.

Accordingly, we too have had to develop as a business to meet the new needs of our dealer partners. Leading this change will always be our great colleagues within WMS Group. They are our most valuable asset. It is the people that work at WMS Group that have supported our dealer partners and will continue to do so as we work through the remainder of 2020. What they have achieved for themselves, our customers and the business is remarkable. I am very proud of all of them. It just goes to show by having the right people, with the right encouragement and security (especially during these un-president times) can make all the difference.

There is still a long way to go but being part of Opteven Group (a large European vehicle warranty business) gives us the scope to look at things differently. We also have a great team. Consequently, we believe that WMS Group is well positioned for the challenges that lie ahead. Hopefully, we will continue to have some fun along the way too.  

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