Leading warranty provider WMS Group has launched a specialist Motorhome warranty, as part of its redeveloped Safe & Sound product family, giving retailers the opportunity to maximise the current boom in trade motorhome sales.

The National Caravan Council reports a huge growth in the popularity of motorhomes and campervans, with registrations up 71% year-on-year between 2019 and 20201. With restrictions still in place on foreign travel, the popularity of motorhome staycations is only expected to rise.

WMS’ new specialist motorhome warranty offers retailers the opportunity to upsell on their sales and offer two different levels of cover. The Adventure package includes cover for the gearbox, suspension and much more. Going even further, the Expedition package offers full coverage of all of the motorhome’s parts, making it a secure and reliable service for those embarking on a number of long-distance journeys each year.

Commenting on the new specialist warranty solution, Neil Monks, Head of Retail Sales at WMS Group, said: “We are delighted to be launching our brand new motorhome warranty product, which has come at an ideal time for the industry as many people opt to holiday in the UK rather than abroad.

“At WMS we pride ourselves on providing quality warranty cover to keep customers on the road and get any repairs done as soon as possible – and this is even more important for when people are away on their holidays and need peace of mind that their vehicle is covered in the event of unexpected mechanical failure. The motorhome retail industry has a vibrant used vehicle market due to manufacturers regularly refreshing their models to improve interior fabric, comfort, and equipment levels. A specialist warranty should always be a consideration for those who may be purchasing a motorhome with a few thousand miles already on the clock.

“Our Adventure and Expedition packages offer two varying and relevant levels of cover which helps retailers to identify the needs of their customer and advise on the most suitable package for them.”