WMS Group reviews

Here’s what some of our warranty customers are saying:

I have already received your cheque in settlement of the claim I made to you on Friday afternoon and I have to say I am so impressed with the efficiency of the service I have received.

When I bought this vehicle the salesman at TT Car Sales in Sheffield spoke so highly of you. When the vehicle went to the repairing garage they said you were one of the best warranty company they had ever done business with and to receive a full settlement cheque within 1 working day I can only agree.

Working in a busy claims department myself I can only appreciate the service you have provided even more so than normal. Ewan Freeman

Thank you for your recent letter from the Managing Director re my recent claim for mechanical breakdown. I am very pleased with The WMS Group and will certainly recommend them to anyone, my claim was handled very professionally and settlement of my claim was very prompt. Thank you. Brian Groves

I must admit that since purchasing this insurance, I have always been sceptical, however since making a successful claim I must state that I am delighted with my purchase. Following the repair of my X-Trail, I phoned your office the same day and my claim was dealt with very efficiently. No paper work was required by me and I received a cheque in reimbursement of the repair costs within 2 working days. Excellent service! R. Dowbiggin, Somerset

I am emailing to thank you for the quick and helpful level of service WMS provided me recently, with replacement of my coil spring on my Vauxhall Vectra. Thanks very much for your help. F. Thornton, Cambridge

I am happy to comment that over the last 4 years or so I have had the warranty over the above vehicle I have been very pleased with the service. The few claims I have made have been dealt with very efficiently and I have been most impressed by the speed in which I received my cheques. R. Mayne, by email

I have made two claims against my warranty since February and I am pleased to say that the service I have received has been excellent. WMS consultants have been courteous over the phone and the receipt of my cheques has been impressively quick. My mechanic has also commented on how easy making a claim has been. F. Moore, by email

I would like to say that the service I received for my first WMS Group warranty claim was excellent. The mechanic called you and was given a claim number immediately. I then forwarded you the bill which I had paid, and you settled it within 2 days. I would have no hesitation in recommending your company if asked, thank you for your interest. G. McNulty, by email

I made a claim for the front off side electric window on my Renault Megane which stopped working. I called you and the claim was dealt with efficiently and professionally, I was very impressed with the standard of service that I received when making this claim. P. Layden, by email

It was so very good of you to deal with my claim so quickly. I want to say a big, big thankyou for everything. Very impressed. H. Kemp, Dunstable

I am writing to provide some feedback on the handling of my recent claim on my WMS Group Mechanical Breakdown Insurance. I am pleased to report that I am very happy with the service provided. My vehicle ended up at a main dealer for diagnostic work on a fault that resulted in a partial strip-down of the affected area. Once the fault was identified, the main dealer offered to repair. I spoke with the dealer about the warranty and the dealer rang WMS who offered to cover a percentage of the cost of the repair. This was a pragmatic solution that was certainly most efficient and cost effective for me (the customer). In addition, the claim process worked very well with my reimbursement cheque arriving quickly. Thank you, the experience has been first class. I.  Jones, Harbury

I posted my authorised repair Invoice to you on Wednesday the 29th September and received a cheque back from you on the 1st October. I was ‘gobsmacked’ and very pleased! P. Hilliam, by email

I would like to say what a pleasure it was to be dealt with so quickly, my claim was processed, fixed by my garage and payment received all within a 2 week slot. Many thanks for being such a brilliant company to have used. L. Hockey, by email

I was very pleased with the prompt and no hassle way my claim was dealt with. My garage, who I have dealt solely with for the last twenty five years was very impressed with WMS. R. Head, Adstock

I have the following comments.

  1. Initial phonecall to you regarding claim. This was very helpful with you explaining the procedure and requirement for garage to provide assessment of repair, estimate and contact you.
  2. Claim response between garage and you. This appears to have happened efficiently, the garage apparently handling similar claims before.
  3. Garage undertook repair and issued payment receipt.
  4. Receipt and covering letter sent to you.
  5. Cheque for claim sent by you. Received very quickly within about 3 days.

Altogether very pleased with how the claim was handled, the smooth authorisation of the repair with the garage and the prompt payment of cheque from The WMS Group. A.  Hiscox, Cheltenham

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