Helping your customers keep the wheels turning prevents loss of income…

“It’s cheaper to offer a vehicle with a warranty than without a warranty” – Commercial vehicles including vans, LCV’s and HGV’s, are often continually in use and a days’ work can take its toll when long distances and a full load are involved. If the vehicle is off the road due to a mechanical failure, the wages won’t get paid and an unhappy customer has to wait for the job to be finished.

Every used commercial vehicle needs a good quality warranty to protect against unforeseen mechanical and electrical failure, and if a rescue and recovery package is built in, the vehicle can be taken for repair and your customer can be back on the road as quickly as possible with no hassle.

Warranty Management Services have an excellent range of protection products designed to provide peace of mind for your customer and help you to retain them for repair and service work. We can tailor a policy for LCV’s and HGV vehicles to suit your budget and create additional profit opportunities for your dealership from sell up and rescue and recovery options.

We all know that the self employed van driver wants to keep the wheels turning and cannot afford to be off the road, so it really makes good commercial sense to offer them a product that can save pounds when it comes to paying for the repair and prevent loss of income when a full van is left by the side of the road with tools or merchandise still on board.

Ask your customers to estimate the loss of a couple of days work, add on the cost of tow in charges and for example how much a new steering rack or gearbox would cost and then compare it with the cost of a warranty and it’s likely they will reach the conclusion that they can’t afford to be without it. With over 3000 car and commercial dealers throughout the UK and a dedicated team of managers we have all of the tools to tackle the job and build your dealership some healthy profits.

To find out more about our products and services please contact our business development director, Eric Stone on 07789 682502 or visit our web site –… “JOB DONE!”