Recently my nephew wrote an article for his university about a cup final football match that was abandoned because of snow and it was agreed that the only way to decide on the winner would be to toss a coin. It made no sense and I could not help thinking that there must be other examples of decisions and outcomes being decided by nothing more scientific or logical.

You may choose a horse for the Grand National or even decide which political party to support in the forthcoming general election based on tossing a coin, but your choice of a business partner would surely be built on real commercial values driven by the need for a company that can deliver solutions for your customers and ones that are designed to create additional profit and retain those valuable customers for the future.

On the 22nd April 2010 there was a choice of what programme to watch on TV that evening and it was all the more challenging because of the political leaders debate being shown at the same time as a soap opera, a consumer programme and a football match. In other words you had to choose between watching some sweaty men running around trying to trip each other up at every opportunity, or a group of desperate people living in a made up place with made up lives where they have to struggle for approval from their peers or a programme that is dedicated to exposing dodgy claims and false promises. On the other hand you could have watched Eastenders, Watchdog or the Atletico Madrid / Liverpool match.

Fortunately our business decisions are not based on entertainment value alone. Make sure that yours is based on the ability of your business partner to work with you for your customers and the benefit of your business. Decisions are important and made easy when faced with compelling facts and supported by testimony and example from others. We have a supporting dealer base of over 2,500 throughout the UK and their decisions to work with us has been based on sound commercial criteria.

  • Flexibility – able to deliver a product that fits your customers profile
  • Profitability – fairly priced products that are attractive to your customers
  • Reliability – ratified claims paid within 24 hours improving your cash flow
  • Consistency – training and development for all your staff

It makes tremendous sense when a well structured sales presentation creates an environment where your customer is compelled to buy a product because it would just seem illogical and foolish not to. Warranty Management Services have a range of products and services designed to increase sell up opportunities and profit, retain customers for repair and service work and deliver an attractive proposition to your customer and based on their specific needs and requirements.

We are looking for the opportunity to demonstrate what we can do for your business. No spin, false promises or attacks on the opposition, we don’t need to because we know what we can deliver.

If you would like to find out more, please email me, Eric Stone, Business Development Director, at or call me on 0844 477 4909 for an informal chat.