The story of unrequited love.

Profit can be a by-product of a robust sales process. Get the process wrong and it could all end in tears.

Meet and greet can be just like romance – awkward and rushed, avoided completely to save embarrassment or satisfying for all parties and the perfect start to an enjoyable process. There’s no need to be selfish, all you need to do is ask your customer if it was good for them!

Many years ago I carried out a mystery shop at a car supermarket and it turned out to be exactly that. It was a mystery why anyone would shop for a car at that dealership.

As soon as I arrived a salesman who never introduced himself shouted at me from across the car pitch – “Are you going to buy a car today?”, “Have you got the money to buy a car today?”, “Are you ready to buy a car today?”

No, but I was considering committing a homicide. He had destroyed any pleasure that could be found in buying a new car in less than 30 seconds. Yet this was important to me and I wanted to be wooed and enjoy the thrill of the chase, after all I wanted to be treated properly. Any thought that this could ever be a long lasting relationship just evaporated so I felt completely deflated.

I decided to see the whole thing through, which lasted approximately 2 hours and included a low down on the disastrous love life of the salesman (now there’s a surprise), a test drive designed to frighten me into submission and the immortal words “yea mate this motor is well nice, know what I mean?” I left without buying and he never asked me my name once. He’s never written or phoned and I’m devastated.

A well structured and practised sales process will help every business to build a strong relationship with the customer who is about to make one of their biggest purchases and needs your help and guidance every step of the way. It’s no surprise that the most successful salesmen stick closely to a logical process and this includes creating customers for life through after sales opportunities. We’re not talking flowers and chocolates here, just building a relationship for the future. The sales process doesn’t have to end when the customer drives away from the forecourt.

It’s never too late to re-kindle the spark of a fulfilling relationship. WMS have a range of warranty and protection products designed to fit into your sales process from meet and greet right up to delivery and provide all of your customers with reasons to keep coming back to your dealership. It’s simple we make you money!

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