…and we don’t mean EXtra terrestrial –although our service is out of this world!

We all need to deliver an outstanding performance or we face being voted off by our customers. That’s why it makes sense to work with a partner that can deliver the winning ingredient.

  • An EX-cellent range of warranty and protection products for all cars, motorcycles, LCV’s and HGV’s
  • An EX-tensive network of development managers giving support to dealerships throughout the UK
  • EX-tra warranties provided free of charge to provide real value to your customers
  • EX-static customers when their claim is paid within 24 hours
  • A team of EX- time served engineers who talk the same language as your workshop managers when it comes to common sense over claims

More than 3000 independent and franchised dealers and product resellers have already given us their vote, now it’s your turn. Call Eric Stone, Business Development Director on 07789 682502 to find out how we can help your dealership make more money.