Introducing our paint and fabric protection which contains the same ingredients as the products used by racing teams and vehicle manufacturers – and is based on those that were originally created for the airline industry. SmartShine fromSafe and Soundis a two stage paint sealant, unlike other brands that only have a one-stage treatment which in effect could seal in dirt and cause paint deterioration. Once cured, it is virtually impossible to remove the coating without professional intervention. The result is a durable, glass-like transparent protective layer, providing protection from weather induced fading, acid rain damage, oxidization and loss of gloss. For the customer, this not only means that the appearance of their vehicle is maintained, but also that exterior maintenance and the amount of time needed to clean the vehicle is reduced, whilst they protect the resale value.

Key benefits of SmartShine

  • Free application training and certification for your staff
  • Full range of point of sale materials
  • No specialist handling required
  • Formula contains a unique element to show your customers that their vehicle has been protected
  • Application is guaranteed for the customer’s entire period of ownership
  • Customer receives a signed certificate from the technician, an eight piece aftercare pack and access to a customer care support platform

SmartShine is a specially formulated application designed to maintain the vehicle’s showroom appearance, both inside and out without the need for polishing, which works by treating the paintwork as well as the interior carpets, fabrics and leather upholstery. To find out more please click here to request a dealer pack, or contact Eric Stone on 07789 682502.