The WMS Group are experiencing unprecedented growth in the sale of products to the light commercial dealer network.

Warranty sales have increased due to operators and end users keeping their vehicles for longer and with the economic climate looking uncertain, it’s important for them to budget and protect the one thing that provides them with income – the van!

If the vehicle is off the road due to a mechanical or electrical breakdown it’s vital that the repair can be carried out quickly. WMS pay all ratified claims within 24 hours so cash flow is not a problem and the driver can get back to work as quickly as possible.

Rescue and Recovery is also a necessary as a van full of tools or merchandise cannot be left at the roadside so a recovery truck to take you to the nearest garage is essential. The benefits to the dealer are huge because people are more enlightened these days and the attraction of a dealer that provides any of these products for peace of mind and protection will have an advantage over a dealer that just sells the metal.

During the past two months, we have been approached by over 100 dealers both car and commercial, asking for information about our products because more customers are asking about the warranty provided.

With more and more vehicles being sold on the internet it’s important to offer a warranty that allows for repairs at any garage as more often than not, the customer will live a long way from the dealer so the opportunity to recover the vehicle back is not an option.

Mechanical repairs can usually be fixed but what happens if the vehicle is written off in an accident or is stolen and not recovered? WMS have a combined finance GAP and Return to Invoice product for vehicles up to 35cwt and with residual values continuing to move downwards it is increasingly likely that the owner will have a shortfall in the value of the vehicle and the road risk insurance payout. A vehicle can depreciate by as much as 50% over 3 years and when explained correctly to customers the RTI/GAP policy makes great sense.

With dealers and drivers looking for value we are seeing increased take up across the board. The profit opportunities for dealerships offering these added value products are created through the sale of the products but also the repairs being met by the warranty company so it’s a win win situation.