Beware, happy customers may follow!

I have spent the majority of my working life talking to car dealers of all shapes and sizes, and their aspirations and concerns are always centred on the same few questions. How can I increase my profitability? Where will the new generation of customers come from? Which warranty provider will help my business the most? How do I reduce costs? What can I do to increase workshop absorption? Who will help me to retain more custom­ers for the future? How can I introduce an effective and relevant marketing strategy? There is no one off fix for any of those questions and they all need to be reviewed on a regular basis.

That’s why the new and innovative protection programme from WMS called Safe and Sound can provide answers for all of these questions. There is an opportunity for you to become part of a network of specialist dealerships who can offer their customers the highest level of customer care and protection, increase profits and workshop activity, reach millions more customers through high level targeted media and endorsement from a trusted and recognised celebrity.

The Safe and Sound programme has been put together as a result of customer and dealer requirements from our research over the years. If we can tick the boxes for the main prerequisites for the discerning car buyer, including safety, value, authenticity and protection then we are half way there. If we can help to attract more customers to your dealership, provide a warranty that covers wear and tear and rescue and recovery, deliver quality dealer development and increase retention, advertise to millions of potential customers via website, Radio and Television with a highly visual endorsement by Sir Stirling Moss then we are already there. We won’t just look after your customers we will even help you to attract more. We have invested a considerable sum in the development of this programme and you can become one of a few Safe and Sound dealers if you are prepared to invest 15 minutes of your time to hear more about this fantastic opportunity.

To be a part of this new generation of dealership network and learn more about it, please call me, Eric Stone on 07789 682502.