The automotive industry has seen the launch of its very own social media website, Motor TradeBook.

Motor TradeBook is designed, dedicated & developed specifically for the automotive industry for anyone involved in this sector or working in any area relating to the automotive trade. From selling vehicles to promoting automotive related services and products it is a great way to network and promote yourself and / or your business using the latest business and social media links.

Current Motor TradeBook members include Dealerships, Suppliers and Buyers, many reporting increased traffic to their own websites, and a boosting of their presence across the whole Social Media Platform, a useful tool to network and a very good place to advertise products and services.

“The ability to utilise Motor TradeBook as a dedicated Social Media Hub has caught the imagination of the Automotive Industry” say’s Motor TradeBook’s Alex Wright, “being able to post a product or service in one place and to have it distributed across many Social Media Platform’s such as Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin greatly increases visibility”.

“Developed based on feedback from the Automotive Industry the site offers the ability to list products and services rather than just vehicles through the ‘StockBook’ function. Many registered members regularly advertise other areas of their business such as sign writing, specialist engineering and accident repair”.

With some of the largest Automotive Companies already registered and increasing every day, Motor TradeBook now enables you to network, trade and keep up to date with what’s happening in the Automotive Industry.

Motor TradeBook is a pioneer in the development of innovative communication solutions dedicated to the Automotive Industry, expertise in information management  is delivered across the globe. To find out more, and sign up for free please visit

If you are a used car, motorcycle or commercial vehicle dealer already using Motor TradeBook, please add the WMS Group: