Pushing the boundaries for greater achievement

WMS are proud of our dealer network and we certainly work together to provide customers with the best possible protection, best choice and fantastic value when it comes to warranty, GAP and breakdown recovery products.

We do not leave dealers high and dry when circumstances dictate that business volumes are affected and we adopt a proactive approach in helping to increase profit through training, innovation and incentives to encourage customers to make a logical choice to buy.

You may only produce a limited number of warranties due to the size and profile of your stock and we understand how business trends can affect you. We have over 3,000 supporting dealerships including multi-franchised, supermarkets and independent dealers and we value all of them. We want to be regarded as a friend to your business and a valued resource to work with your sales team to increase product penetration and promote aftersales and retain customers.

There has never been a more important time to focus on the delivery of added value protection for both the customer and dealership. The imminent spending review will affect everyone and we are continually told that there will be some tough times to face in the coming months. We are all considering the ramifications for the industry when the proposed VAT increases come into effect, so getting value for money and saving where we can is at the forefront of every customer and dealers mind. With everyone watching the pennies your customers will want to avoid unexpected repair bills, so offering our range of protection products will help to provide peace of mind for them and additional profits for your dealership. With a team of regional managers on hand to provide help and training, it’s a valuable resource for your sales teams to tap into – and it’s free.

We want to work with everyone in the sales chain and not just concentrate on a chosen few as we believe the culture has to run throughout the whole process to ensure maximum concentration. It’s time to be positive about the vital role we can all play in protecting our customers and then we will find that profit from service and aftersales will become no more than a by-product produced from a robust and reliable sales process.