Even though the Sales Manager held regular morning meetings, it was beginning to become obvious that Adam had not fully grasped the “team work” ethos.

 (Seconds after this picture was taken, they let go of the rope and Adam disappeared backwards through the showroom window never to be seen again)

WMS have a team of dedicated partners who understand that a successful business needs to be sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction. We’re not into tea and sympathy visits but we do want to help you achieve greater sales penetration and profits from our range of warranty and protection products.

We are on the same side with over 3000 dealerships offering a dedicated service for their customers and we can help you build a robust sales process that will not just provide opportunities today but customers for the future. If you want to talk tactics and finds out more about how our game plan can fit in with your team talk then please contact us on 0844 477 4909.

If you would like to discuss the products and services available from WMS Group, please contact me, Eric Stone, on 07789 682502 or email sales@wmsgroupuk.com