Introducing OodleIt to increase your sales

Following on the back of our exclusive partnership with Carsnip and parent company Oodle Finance, the WMS Group are delighted to introduce OodleIt – the revolutionary platform to sell your stock at full listing price, on finance, for free…..AND still give you a commission!


OodleIt seamlessly combines finance and car search, to send buyers that have already been approved for finance, direct to your dealership.

We recently handpicked a number of our very best dealerships – including yours – to be put forwards for OodleIt, as we believe that you are a perfect match to their criteria.

We urge you to read the below and strongly encourage you to sign up with OodleIt, as this represents an enormous opportunity to increase your car sales. Our dealer support team will also contact you over the next few days to answer any questions and complete the onboarding process (should you wish to proceed of course).

What is OodleIt?

We know that up to 50% of car buyers will soon arrive at the dealership with their finance pre-arranged. OodleIt enables buyers to get instant approval for finance and then helps them to find their next car, via its car ‘matchmaking’ service (powered by the Carsnip functionality).


Benefits to you

  • FREE online advertising via Oodle and Carsnip’s marketing campaigns
  • No listing fees or other charges
  • Guaranteed minimum commission of £200 on all sales – see below
  • No warranty cost (the WMS Group are funding 3 months cover direct with the consumer)
  • Option to buy part-exchanges at sensible money
  • Super fast pay out from Oodleit Finance – within 24 hours!
  • No need to discount the retail price as you’ll retain the full margin
  • Incremental sales
  • Pre-approved finance for customers wishing to buy a vehicle you’re advertising

Your commission

Just for WMS Group dealers, Oodle Finance are paying a guaranteed £200 commission on each vehicle sold up to a retail price of £10,000. If the vehicle is over £10,000, you will receive 2% of the total loan amount instead.


Benefits to the customer

For the customer, OodleIt removes the headache of buying a car with its ‘one-stop-shop’ service.

The journey is extremely simple:

  1. The customer is sent to the OodleIt website via their extensive marketing drive (see below).
  2. From there, they apply for finance by entering just a few details and uploading a photo of their passport / driving licence with an almost instant decision.
  3. Once the finance is in place, they can use the powerful search facility to find their car from the best dealers in the UK.
  4. They visit your dealership to complete the paperwork and collect the vehicle.
  5. Oodle Finance will then settle the payment and your commission, by bank transfer, within 24 hours.

The customer journey

The marketing drive

During Q1 of 2019 alone, Oodle are investing a staggering £200,000 into the marketing of OodleIt to drive thousands of buyers to dealerships. The initial campaign kicks off this month with a series of Facebook Dynamic Ads which are targeted to in-market buyers, promoting the right stock to the right audiences.

The company will be adding even more weight to its drive with the launch of an extensive paid search campaign, in addition to powerful Facebook retargeting Ads to capture customers that have previously visited the OodleIt website but are yet to convert.

Facebook Dynamic Ads example


A few final points

  1. As the vehicle is being financed by Oodle directly with you, the only responsibilities you have are to ensure it is fully prepared to their criteria and the paperwork is correctly completed at handover.
  2. Once the customer has completed the purchase, the WMS Group will contact them to upsell to a longer term warranty. GDPR rules apply whereby the customer has ticked the box on the vehicle detail page, confirming that they would like to be quoted for a longer term.
  3. If the customer has NOT ticked the box, you have the opportunity to upsell the customer via Payment Assist or a cash sale.
  4. All of your vehicles listed on OodleIt will include a three month WMS Group warranty. For the first six months, we will carry the cost of this warranty in the event that the customer does not purchase a longer term, therefore negating any cost to you. The warranty offered will be the highest level available inline with the vehicle’s age and mileage parameters.

How do you sign up?

Signing up to OodleIt is really easy. All you need to do is download the Agreement below, complete and sign, then email it back to If you have any issues with downloading the Agreement, please email us or speak with your account manager.

Our dealer support team will contact you shortly, inviting you to sign up to this exciting new scheme. As we constantly strive to provide solutions for our dealer network, this is another opportunity for you to capture incremental sales, so please can I ask for full support to this new initiative to make it a success for everyone. 

Kind regards,

Keith Pipe,

Head of Sales


About Oodle Finance / OodleIt

Oodle Finance was established in 2012 and the company has seen significant growth, now working directly with thousands of dealerships across the UK to provide point of sale finance. They were also awarded Lender of the Year at the 2017 F&I Awards – testament to their cutting edge innovation and commitment to providing a first class user experience.

OodleIt sits in the middle of traditional finance portals and point of sale finance, acting like a broker but still paying a commission and not charging for listing stock or generating leads.

Oodle Finance completed the buyout of Carsnip – the UK’s largest used car search engine – during 2018. OodleIt is the exciting culmination of Oodle Finance and Carsnip, enabling buyers to be approved for finance and find their perfect car in one place. The slick finance facility is powered by Oodle, whilst the advanced car search uses Carsnip’s market-leading technology.