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HGV warranty and coach warranty products from the WMS Group

At the WMS Group, we are passionate about helping our dealer partners to provide the very best truck warranty products and aftersales support to their customers.

Below are our standard levels of heavy commercial vehicle warranty cover but we are also proud to offer customised products based on your customers’ needs. If you have a specific requirement please request a dealer pack or call us on 01844 293810.

Whether you require a basic product or an all mechanical and all electrical plan, we guarantee to have the right warranty protection for your customers – backed up by our market leading customer service.

  • Level 1 warranty (new/used commercial vehicles over 3,500kg): Cover includes the breakdown of certain components under the following headings: engine, manual/auto gearbox, cooling system, propshaft, differential and driveline, driving axles, electrical.
  • Level 2 warranty (used commercial vehicles over 3,500kg): Cover includes the breakdown of certain components under the following headings: engine, manual/auto gearbox, cooling system, clutch, driving axles, propshaft, differential and driveline, electrical, fuel system, steering, suspension, braking system.
  • Level 3 warranty (new commercial vehicles over 3,500kg): During the period of insurance, all non-modified mechanical and electrical items will be insured against breakdown except those listed under exclusions.
  • Dual fuel engine coverto cover against mechanical breakdown of the engine caused by and which can be specifically attributed to the failure of, or a fault in the operation of the dual fuel system conversion unit fitted to the vehicle.

Key features:

  • No excess contributions
  • Unlimited claims, with each one up to your chosen claim limit
  • Claims include parts and labour
  • 3-36 month cover available
  • Claim limits range from £1,000 per claim to the vehicle’s current market value
  • Cover is extended to vehicles used in Europe at no extra charge
  • Tow-in charges in the event of a valid claim
  • Replacement vehicle hire in the event of a valid claim
  • Overnight accommodation and rail fare
  • Transfer and renewal, subject to our approval
  • Range of incentives for your customers such as receiving up to 50% free of charge when upgrading to a longer term

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***New recovery arrangements for HGV warranty***

We are delighted to announce our new recovery arrangements for heavy commercial vehicles to provide your customers with a range of additional benefits.

The WMS Group are now working in partnership with Nationwide Transport Breakdown Services Ltd (NTBS Ltd) for our rescue and recovery on vehicles over 3.5 tonnes, to give your customers full cover – even if the fault is not covered under our commercial vehicle warranty. This is because NTBS Ltd are able to carry out roadside repairs or recover the vehicle which will take away the need (as in our previous agreements) for the customer to organise recovery themselves.

NTBS Ltd will be handling the calls from their UK call centre so that your customers have access to 24 hour, 365 day support. The cover also extends to Europe, and again NTBS Ltd are handling this on our behalf. As far as we are aware, no other warranty provider can offer this service on commercial vehicles.

NTBS Ltd will receive the call from the customer and send one of their agents out to the vehicle to assess the fault and deal with it accordingly, i.e either repair there and then saving time, or recover for a repair.

This enhancement is now included as standard with levels 1, 2 and 3.

We hope you agree that this will be of great benefit to you and your customers but if you would like any further information, please contact our commercial vehicle specialist Mark Bobbins on 07962 234327 / markb@wmsgroupuk.com.

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Please request a dealer pack or call us on 01844 293810 to find out more.