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Corporate Advantage from the WMS Group

Corporate Advantage combines our multi-award winning car dealership warranty products with an exclusive automotive CRM platform, designed specifically for franchised and large independent dealers.

Although Corporate Advantage warranty products cover the same items as our traditional warranties, there are some major differences. For instance, we will allow dealers to authorise their own claims subject to our approval, and even remove the hourly labour rate restriction. These products are designed to provide a seamless transition into your aftersales procedure and ensure that customer care remains at the very core of your business.

The Corporate Advantage difference:

  • Corporate Advantage car warranty products offer an extension to the high levels of service that customers expect from corporate dealerships. The customer can simply bring their vehicle in for repair, and the claim will be handled directly between you and us.
  • Exceptional warranty products with cover for every customer’s needs. Subject to our approval we will even allow you to authorise your own claims, with the administration being carried out afterwards.
  • These warranties allow you to use genuine manufacturer parts if required at no extra premium. There is also no restriction on the hourly labour rate.
  • The highest levels of warranty cover are equivalent to, if not better than, the manufacturers’ extended warranty cover – and often at substantially lower premiums.
  • Complete CRM control with My Motor Manager. Your dealership will never miss another aftersales or retention opportunity with the advanced My Motor Manager CRM platform.

About My Motor Manager:

My Motor Manager is the advanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform for Corporate Advantage dealerships. It enables you to safeguard as much future aftersales revenue as possible by ensuring that customers never miss another MOT, service or warranty renewal and much more.

Everything the customer would ever need to know about their vehicle – even down to individual tyre pressures, oil type and radio codes – can now be stored safely in one place on their smartphone or tablet. My Motor Manager comprises a very simple to use interface, and includes a range of exciting features to keep customers engaged with you.

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