Motor trade insurance

If you require comprehensive motor trade insurance backed up with great personal advice and service, look no further than WMS Group Protect.

The WMS Group have partnered with LV Insurance and Direct Motor Trade to create a market-leading motor trade combined insurance product, WMS Group Protect. This product is available exclusively to our dealerships and provides the following key benefits:

  • Unlimited vehicle value as standard (own, stock and customers’ vehicles on the road)*
  • Automatic cover for vehicles owned privately by company directors and their spouses*
  • Open driving for risks over £2million turnover. Any director, their spouse and all employees can drive for business, social, domestic and pleasure use as standard*
  • Low claims rebate. Up to 10% premium refund if your claims expenditure remains less than 50% of your annual premium*
  • Customers’ vehicle cover. Automatically increased to £500,000 as standard to avoid the possibility of under insurance at busy times*
  • Own vehicles / sales stock cover. 30% uplift provided for seasonal stock level increases all year*
  • Protected no claims bonus. Up to 2x fault claims allowed in any three year insurance period without penalty to your NCB entitlement*
  • Full theft cover. Proof of forcible and / or violent entry or exit from your premises is not required*
  • FREE MOT loss of licence cover (£250,000 limit)*
  • FREE wrongful conversion cover (£250,000 limit)*
  • FREE money cover (£2,500 limit. Higher limits can be arranged subject to an additional premium)*

“WMS Group Protect have provided an excellent service at a very good cost, and most importantly managed to get the correct cover in less than 24 hours. It’s definitely worth recommending them to your other retailers as I’m sure they can make a difference to their current policy – we have saved around 20% on our annual premium.” – Matt Stott, The Professional Car Agent Ltd

Working in the motor industry can be hazardous and safety should be a top priority for employers. Accidents can happen even where precautions are taken but with the right insurance, you will have the peace of mind that your customers, employees and business are safeguarded from loss, damage or injury.

The WMS Group Protect team will guide you through the minimum legal and statutory requirements and any additional covers available that may offer further protection to your dealership. The cover review is carried out without any obligation to buy. You are free to choose the covers you wish to insure for and those that you are happy to take at your own risk.

As motor trade insurance specialists, Direct Motor Trade boast excellent, long-standing relationships with over 2,000 businesses like yours across the UK. Their commitment to excellence is just one of the reasons why we have created this product and put our name to it! For motor trade insurance, we only recommend WMS Group Protect. *Cover is subject to policy warranties, terms and conditions.

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