If you feel like you’re trapped day after day with the wrong crowd of people and don’t like being restricted and dictated to, we can provide you with a perfect escape route and a more palatable alternative to your current providers menu. We have FSA and dealer guarantee warranty solutions to fit the shape of your business and you won’t have to take part in a trial to enjoy the benefits of some fantastic profit making opportunities.

It’s that time of year when celebrity reality TV programmes seem to dominate our television screens in the run up to Christmas. It’s also that time of year when general managers and dealer principles begin to plan for the next year and that process usually starts with a long hard look at this year’s business and a review of current providers. Are you getting value for money? Do the products offer flexibility and a great level of protection for your customers? Will your current provider pay authorised claims in 24 hours and help your cash flow? The right change for next year can see increased profitability and a greater opportunity for customer retention combined with additional revenue from service and repair work.

The right business partner can deliver so much more when you are involved in the process. Free training, customer incentives and some fabulous protection products designed to fit your business profile and customer requirements.

So if you’re fed up with a diet of witchety grubs and green ants it might be time to order something from a tasty menu. The WMS group have great experience in design and application of warranty programmes across a range of diverse business partners throughout the UK. Warranty products are available for all cars, motorcycles, LCV’s and HGV’s. Other products available from the WMS Group include GAP/RTI, MOT cover, Rescue and Recovery and Wheel and Tyre Insurance. For more information, contact Eric Stone on 07789 682502.