The profit opportunities for used van sales and associated van warranty products are now comparable with cars

In the September 2010 edition of Auto Retail Manager, they highlight the difference in the van market to the secondhand car market, quoting “the £15,000+ price for a new vehicle can strain the cash flow whereas a £5,000-£7,000 used LCV invariably serves its purpose very well.”

UsedVehicleWarranty (UVW) agree as they have seen an increase in warranty products for used vans being sold directly through the website or via the WMS Group’s ( nationwide dealer network.

This is supported in a new report from British Car Auctions (BCA). Written by Professor Peter Cooke at Buckingham Universities Centre for automotive management, the used LCV market report 2010 is believed to be the first indepth “stand-alone” study of the new and used LCV business in the UK. It looks at the size and structure of the market place, pricing trends, the effects of recession, drivers for change and some likely future developments, and is available to download free at