It’s back to the future – 60’s registration plates launch 1st September 2010

Like everything’s groovy and cosmic and I protected my wheels with a megalicious warranty from a far out dealer who just laid it on me from those cool guys at WMS where they really dig the vibe and just know where you’re coming from. Those cats are like just amazing man.Yeah Baby, I looked under the bonnet of my mini clubman and WOW MAN it was busy, like going crazy in all directions so I’m totally chilled by the warranty protection and just wanted you to check it out and get on down to the WMS website and save the stress, it’s not heavy man and they know what you mean if you know what I mean.

The new 60 plate just by association with the magical decade will bring back memories for many of us. Loon pants, skin tight tie dyed T-shirts with plunging neck lines, high heels, free love, the smell of musk and patchouli oil – and that was just the men! Some people remember the 60’s with great affection and of course some just can’t remember what planet they were on! One thing that stands out from that decade is the fantastic music and many people will argue that it has inspired and defined the music of today. It has also inspired me to indulge myself with some of the great songs and remind you why WMS can be the perfect partner for your business whatever the decade.

Does your service controller drive you CRAZY (Patsy Cline 1961) after making a claim, when he constantly reminds you, I CAN’T GET NO SATISFACTION (the Rolling Stones 1967). When you call your current warranty provider do you hear THE SOUND OF SILENCE (Simon and Garfunkel 1965). We answer all calls within 5 rings as part of our CSI programme. So if you don’t want to be like the SUPREMES (You keep me hanging on 1966) Call our sales line on 0844 477 4909.

You don’t need to feel like IT’S THE SAME OLD SONG (the Four Tops 1965). You may feel like you want to RUN AWAY (Del Shannon 1961). When you call up with a claim do you want to talk to a time served engineer who understands your business or do you just get the Elvis Presley treatment (SUSPICIOUS MINDS 1969). How quickly does your current warranty provider reimburse claims invoices? Are you TIRED OF WAITING (the Kinks 1964) and does it make you feel like CRYING (Roy Orbison 1962) We pay all ratified claims within 24 hours to help you manage your cash flow. So if you want GOOD VIBRATIONS (The Beach Boys 1966) and you want your customers’ cars to KEEP ON RUNNING (Spencer Davis Group 1965) contact us and we can arrange for one of our regional managers to show you how we can make you money with the Beatles (A little help from my friends 1967). Now I am sure you would agree that there’s SOMETHING IN THE AIR (Thunderclap Newman 1969) and we want you to say YEH YEH (Georgie Fame 1964) after all WOULDN’T IT BE NICE (Beach Boys 1966). We want all of our business partners to enjoy the opportunities to make more money from every deal and retain customers for service and repair work.

Whatever the decade – its simple – we make you money!

Call me, Eric Stone on 07789 682502 for further information on how we can help your business.