We may never know the reason for the disappearance of the Brontosaurus Rex, but we do know a few dinosaurs who have contributed to their own demise. Ignore the profit opportunities and we ignore the vital elements for continued growth.

I spend the majority of my time visiting dealerships throughout the UK and it’s the only way to get a feel for the demands and changes of the business. It’s no surprise that the style and shape of dealerships is so diverse with a common denominator found in the most successful ones – Leadership, dedicated to provide up to date systems and sales methods with a range of added value products and services designed to increases customer confidence, generate more profit and retain the customer for future service and repair work. It is a failing and a dis-service to simply move the metal and leave the customer unprotected and more likely to go elsewhere for their next purchase – lost forever.

I am never surprised but increasingly frustrated when dealers (and there are many) will not grasp the simple principle that other successful dealers have adopted for years.

Since January I have met with many dealers who have told me their reasons for doing it “their way” including several who agreed that they could make more profit and retain customers but just couldn’t be bothered – I am expecting to see some flats on their sites the next time I’m in the area.

The following are things I have heard in the last few months: “I’ve worked in so many dealerships and I’ve never used a computer, and when I leave here next month I’ll be exactly the same”; “I believe that car dealers should only sell cars and I stuck with that principle right up until I went out of business”; “The problem with all of these products is the customer may come back with a problem” (ever heard of turning a problem into an opportunity, it’s called customer service) and “I know that you are right and I could increase my profit and retain customers but we’re all a bit long in the tooth here and my salesmen just won’t sell it” (tail and dog come to mind).

Happily, we have a team of dedicated regional managers who work with our dealers to help train and encourage their salesmen to build our products into their sales process and given the opportunity we can demonstrate increased penetration and profit across the board. If you won’t sell it we will even do it for you so it’s win win. We offer a range of flexible customer friendly products delivered via an online management system called WMS Showroom designed to ensure that you do not miss an opportunity. You could of course just ignore the opportunity and just open three days a week when it will be a bit quieter.

If you would like to discuss the profit opportunities available from WMS Group, please contact me, Eric Stone, on 07789 682502 or email sales@wmsgroupuk.com