Commercial vehicle warranty FAQ’s

Below are the common warranty questions we get asked. If your query isn’t here, please email, call our friendly support team on 01844 293810 or live chat with us.

How will I know when my warranty is registered with you?

What am I covered for?

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

How much will you pay out?

Do I need to have my vehicle serviced?

Can I buy a warranty direct from you?

How do I make a claim?

What if I need warranty assistance at weekends or during the evening?

What if I am abroad?

Can I get a repair done and send the invoice in for payment?

Are oil leaks covered?

Are serviceable items such as tyres covered?

Is diagnosis covered?

Is recovery included?

Am I covered for a replacement vehicle?

Can I renew my warranty?

Can I transfer my warranty?

What is wear and tear?

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