My Motor Manager – the car dealership app

My Motor Manager is the advanced car dealer app and CRM suite from the WMS Group, designed to help your dealership to retain customers for life.

Combining cutting-edge technology with an extensive range of engaging features, this market leading app allows your customers to manage all of their vehicles from their smart device whilst ensuring that you never miss another aftersales opportunity.

Benefits to your dealership:

  • Provides an advantage over your competitors by enabling you to retain optimum aftersales business.
  • Reduces the need for you to canvass customers when routine maintenance is due.
  • Many features can be configured by you, ensuring that customers receive the right service every time.
  • The My Motor Manager suite is provided completely free of charge – potentially saving you thousands of pounds in dealer CRM per year!

Benefits to your customers:

“My Motor Manager has proven invaluable for reminding customers when a service or MOT is due. They can call us direct from the app to make appointments or ask our advice. It’s a fantastic idea for retaining business.” – Mike Coutts, Victoria Garage Maud (Skoda dealer)

  • Ensures that their vehicle maintenance never lapses again by triggering a series of email and SMS notifications when action is required.
  • Allows them to securely store all vehicle information on their smart device including finance, car warranty, breakdown cover, dealership information, insurance documentation details, photographs, notes and so much more.
  • Vehicle warranty documentation remains always to hand as it is automatically uploaded to the app in a PDF format from WMS Showroom.
  • Ability to manage an unlimited number of vehicles providing each has a car warranty or associated product with the WMS Group.

How does My Motor Manager work?
Once the customer’s vehicle warranty policy details have been recorded on our administration system WMS Showroom, they can login to the app and begin using it to securely manage all of their vehicle information. Your dealership can easily control many of the features and submenus shown to the customer, and even upload your business card, individual contact information and photographs.

Key features:

  • Designated sections for vehicle data, finance details, your dealership’s information and business card.
  • Displays all warranty documentation in PDF format within the app.
  • ‘My alerts’ which uses a traffic light system to show at a glance what is becoming due and when, supported by email and SMS notifications.
  • ‘Find repairer’ section configurable by marque, speciality, location or a combination with ability to contact the repairer from within the app.
  • Interactive vehicle maintenance checklist with the option of scheduling and adding own reminders.
  • Tools including accident recorder, ‘Find my car’, expenses tracker, ‘Ask the police’ and parking locator.

Please request a dealer pack or call us on 01844 293810 to find out more.