Increasing profit margins and retaining customers isn’t a crime. It’s elementary and you don’t need Sherlock to solve the puzzle.

We all love a good mystery but this is ridiculous! It’s not so much a who-dun-it as to who didn’t?

Do your morning sales meetings seem like something from a murder mystery weekend?

You’ve got all the suspects together in one room and they are all looking a bit twitchy and sheepish. You twist the end of your waxed moustache thoughtfully as a knowing grin appears and you produce the piece of paper that will provide all of the irrefutable evidence required to accuse the culprit.

It’s a sales invoice – they all look horrified as you reveal with chilling solemnity “someone has sold a car without a warranty or RTI/GAP policy”.

Sound familiar? Yet this dastardly deed is committed in dealerships throughout the country every day of the week.


Well not all dealers have a warranty partner that is committed to providing sales and product training to fit in with their process every step of the way.

Not all warranty companies offer customer incentives and products that are designed to provide customer choice and fantastic value for money.

Not all dealers have access to the WMS Showroom system where you can guarantee that your sales team will never miss an opportunity.

Not all warranty companies pay ratified claims within 24 hours helping you manage your cash flow.

With over 3000 dealerships offering our products and with dedicated support provided by a team of hands on account managers it’s really not a mystery.

In the hierarchy of added value products which ones will provide you with a profit opportunity at sale, a retention opportunity for service and repair work and save you dipping into your profit when the customer brings the car back with a problem at your cost.

We are proud of our relationship with our dealer network and a look at our website where dealer testimonials will bear this out.

I visit dealers throughout the country on most days and despite the economic downturn I have found that the majority are upbeat and are looking for ways to increase the bottom line and our products can facilitate that.

A dealer recently started selling our RTI/GAP product and with a simple consistent approach has achieved a 65% penetration rate and a fantastic increase in profit per deal. His only regret is that he had not taken it on board earlier.

So there’s no need to play I SPY when you’re looking for profit.

It’s time to get smart and call in the professionals.

We can help you solve the mystery – It’s simple we make you money!