Protect your customers and your profit with a used car warranty and breakdown recovery products from the WMS Group.

Schools out, it’s one of the best summers on record, your customers are heading for the coast with the family and suddenly the car grinds to a halt, right in the middle of a game of I spy – THIS IS A DISASTER! AND IT COULD BE HEADING BACK TO YOUR FORECOURT. An irate family stuck in 90 degrees heat, miles from anywhere, and carrying a potentially volatile load (yep, bored, tired, thirsty and hungry kids).

Still, at least you can be satisfied that as a dealer you did your best and in the spirit of customer care, your stranded customer has a good car warranty and a rescue and recovery package. All they need to do is call the recovery company and decide if they want to continue to their destination or go back home whilst their broken vehicle is taken to a garage for repair and this could all be covered under the warranty at no cost to your customer. They can re-arrange the day out and will be glad that you provided the protection for them. And you don’t need to fire up the recovery truck to bring this mobile disaster back to your garage… at your costand then pay for the repairs whilst the kids redecorate your showroom with chocolate ice cream – nice!

If you want to avoid this scenario it’s about time you spoke to WMS and arranged for one of our experienced regional managers to talk you through our fantastic range of customer (and family) friendly warranty and recovery packages for peace of mind and protection. This can also have tremendous benefits for your business by providing additional profit from sell up opportunities as well as keeping your customers on the move and your recovery truck free for your own work. If you want to avoid getting hot under the collar when your customers reach boiling point then let us take the heat out of the situation and help you add some seriously cool profit to your bottom line. That’s why we are the nations favourite warranty company.

It’s your choice, protect your customer and protect your profit or pray for rain! To find out more about our products and services please contact our business development director, Eric Stone on 07789 682502 or visit our web site

If you would like to discuss the products and services available from WMS Group, please contact me, Eric Stone, on 07789 682502 or email