Motor industry charity BEN have launched their Financially Fit campaign

Are you Financially Fit?

Automotive charity BEN have launched their Financially Fit campaign to support motor trade employees and their dependents struggling with debt or financial issues.

As the motor trade charity, BEN is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping those who currently work or have worked in the industry and their immediate families, with a wide range of physical, mental, financial and social problems.

BEN’s Four Pillars campaign launched at the end of last year, designed to help the industry to live happier, healthier lives by creating a holistic support arm to promote the importance of good health and wellbeing.

This initiative is broken down into four integral campaigns – Mentally Fit, Financially Fit, Socially Fit and Physically Fit – to clearly define the type of services BEN offer to the UK’s motor trade. Whilst each pillar is standalone, they are also closely interlinked as the charity recognise that if one crumbles, other areas of our lives can be affected too.

Financially Fit initially launched in January as the second pillar, designed to provide practical advice and information to industry employees and their dependents struggling with debt or financial pressure. The stress caused by money worries often affects our health, relationships and work – and perhaps unsurprisingly, financial issues are the most common, representing 61% of the telephone calls received by BEN in February 2016.

BEN’s services for Financially Fit include:

  • Budgeting advice
  • Financial capability advice
  • Welfare benefits and entitlements
  • Retirement planning
  • Debt management
  • Preparing for redundancy
  • Financial assistance

BEN offers practical help, support and advice services for all kinds of issues to make a lasting, positive difference to our lives. In addition to a free confidential helpline and face-to-face visits if required, they also operate highly-regarded care centres at various locations throughout the UK, plus a day centre in Coventry.

Whether you have financial, friendship, bereavement, illness / disability, mental health, family or physical problems, you and / or your family can speak to BEN in confidence. Simply call 08081 311 333 (free from mobile and landline) Mon – Thurs: 8am to 8pm / Fri: 8am – 5pm, or email

The Four Pillars is supported by a series of emails, leaflets, posters, online resources, workplace demonstrations and an extensive social media campaign. The WMS Group are proud to be backing BEN as our chosen charity partner which includes raising awareness and funds for this deserving organisation.

To find out more about BEN or to make a small one-off donation, please click here.