Car repair costs vary by 20% depending on region

A detailed analysis from has revealed that motorists in some areas of the UK are paying around 20% more for their car repairs compared to others – and surprisingly, London isn’t the most expensive region…

TV's Mary Portas gets a lesson in car repairs from Gatehouse Car SalesYou’d be forgiven for assuming that motorists in London would pay higher prices for having their car repaired; after all, it stands to reason with higher wages and the general cost of living. But following an analysis carried out by garage comparison website, the service and repair costs for London were infact revealed to be almost exactly equal to the national average – although in a surprising twist, the UK’s extremity areas charge some of the highest fees of all.

Car repair costs vary by 20%, with East Anglia being the most expensive regionAround 8,000 motorists per month use the website to find a great local garage or dealership. Drivers tell the site what’s wrong – from an oil-change to a full-on restoration – and garages near them respond with a diagnosis and an estimated repair bill. When they’ve compared pricing, reviews and availability, the driver can book in with their chosen outlet.

The data collected from these motorists has enabled to ascertain costs by weighting the repairs by likelihood, and then dividing the UK into segments analysing the latitude / longitude coordinates of the users’ postcodes. Using this formula, garages in East Anglia were revealed to be the most expensive with the average repair totalling £206.03, closely followed by South West England (£204.15) and North Wales (£194.49).

East Anglia, South West England and North Wales are most expensive for car repairsManaging director Alex Rose commented: “Over the years, we’ve built up an incredibly detailed picture of the UK motorist – the cars they drive, what goes wrong, and how they select a preferred garage or mechanic. This new data identifies that repairs vary by almost 20% between the priciest and cheapest areas. With previous data suggesting that the average service / maintenance spend per vehicle is almost £600 per year, that equates to a difference of more than £1,500 spent across the average life of a car (13.2 years).”

Alex concluded that the 20% discrepancy could be because price competition amongst urban garages may be higher, stating that whilst they may make less margin on each job, are able to compensate with an increased volume of work.

He added that cars coming into city-based garages may be smaller and / or older, therefore making them simpler to work on and with cheaper parts. The three most common repair types were found to be servicing (sometimes with MoT), clutch replacement and brake / exhaust repairs.

We say that whilst the costs shown here are relatively low, car repair bills can quickly escalate, with automatic gearbox repairs alone averaging around £1,500. It is very interesting to see the differences in prices between regions but we advise motorists to ensure that they have a comprehensive car warranty in place, which will provide protection again the sudden failure of mechanical or electrical components.

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