Save money by lowering your car fuel consumption

As all of our budgets tighten during the run up to Christmas, we at the WMS Group would like to share our top money saving tips for driving more efficiently and cutting your fuel consumption this festive season:

Savvy servicing

Ensure that fluid levels are regularly topped up and parts remain in a good working order, otherwise you could run the risk of causing serious mechanical failures. Having your car serviced regularly is also paramount to maintaining efficiency, keeping you safe and ruling out potentially expensive repairs.

Keep the pressure on

Regularly checking your tyre pressure levels, especially before long journeys, can go a long way to improving fuel economy. Under-inflated tyres create rolling resistance on the road which will result in increased levels of fuel consumption. Defective tyres are also one of the biggest causes of traffic collisions, so ensure that yours are maintained at all times.

Take the weight off

Excess weight on board means your engine needs to work harder to move. Removing unnecessary goods from your vehicle before travelling is an easy way to improve your fuel efficiency.

Smooth operator

Accelerating smoothly and changing gears earlier than you would usually (2,000rpm diesel and 2,500rpm petrol), is a simple way to use less fuel. When approaching a junction, consider releasing the accelerator slowly over time rather than harshly stamping on the brakes at the last second.

Sensible style

How often do you consider your driving style and the accessories you use on the move? Driving a mere 10mph over the national speed limit on the motorway can lead to a staggering 25% reduction in fuel efficiency.

Fully loaded

You should also take into account external items such as roof and bike racks when not in use, as a fully loaded roof rack can add up to 30% to your fuel consumption.

Forward planning

Planning ahead of time can go a long way to reducing your fuel costs and impact on the environment, so try to combine multiple errands into the same journey where possible.

Keep it simple

Using air-con at low speeds can add 5-7% to your fuel costs, so consider just opening the windows and always be conscious of the gadgets running. Switch off unnecessary items such as the heated windscreen or fog lights when you don’t need them.

Stop. Start.

Some modern cars feature intelligent start-stop engines allowing you to turn off your engine whilst waiting in traffic then begin driving again in an instant. However, older vehicles without this feature may not realise the same benefits unless static in traffic for extended periods.

And finally…

A comprehensive car warranty and UK breakdown cover package could save thousands on repair costs and ensure you are recovered safely in the event of a breakdown. The WMS Group offer a wide range of warranty products – for assistance please contact us on 0800 043 0917.

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