With National Apprenticeship Week underway, the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI) is calling on young people to take a fresh look at the industry and consider an automotive apprenticeship. As the technology on modern vehicles continues to increase, so does the need to attract the brightest talent into an industry that employs over half a million people and contributes £25 billion to the UK economy.

The retail motor industry encompasses the distribution, sale, financing and maintenance of every kind of vehicle ranging from cars and motorcycles, through to vans and trucks. As a result, automotive apprenticeships cover a wide range of technical and management subjects, providing young people with the opportunity to forge a career in this dynamic industry. Colleges across the UK and Northern Ireland offer automotive apprenticeships, as well as all major manufacturers.

Steve Nash, the IMI’s Chief Executive, comments: “We have a lot to do in improving perceptions of the automotive industry, as it’s not generally a sector that’s seen as a career of choice. However, the reality is that the sector offers fulfilling and challenging careers that are much more than just a job.

We are pleased to support National Apprenticeship Week as part of our continuing efforts to attract bright talent into the industry capable of developing the skills and knowledge required to keep abreast of rapidly advancing technology on modern day vehicles. The automotive retail sector continues to play a significant role in the UK economy, so it is essential that it attracts suitably qualified young people and equips them with the skills for future success.”

The IMI provides a wealth of information about motor industry careers through its Autocity website: www.autocity.org.uk. They are the professional body for individuals working in the motor industry. Its vision is to ensure that the automotive retail sector has a skilled, competent and professional workforce that is fully equipped to keep pace with the demands of new technology and changing markets while remaining competitive in the global market. The IMI is also the industry’s government licensed Sector Skills Council, the ruling body of the Automotive Technician Accreditation and Automotive Management Accreditation schemes, as well as the authoritative source of retail motor industry careers information, standards and qualifications.