Award-winning national consumer satisfaction organisation Safe and Sound has become the first company to take advantage of FOXY Lady Drivers Club’s employee benefit scheme. Every female member of staff has been given a free membership to the Club by Safe and Sound’, run by Buckinghamshire-based WMS Group, with male colleagues encouraged to nominate a foxy lady to receive theirs.

FOXY Lady Drivers Club is the only motoring organisation in the UK for women, where exclusive membership services give women the facts, inside information and choices they need to take care of their everyday motoring needs. The Club is a not-for-profit member of the FOXY group of companies where the FOXY brand stands for ‘shrewd, discerning and savvy’, which FOXY believes defines women these days.

“We’re aiming to be the female voice of motoring in the UK,” says founder and managing director, Steph Savill, “set up specifically for those of us who have found ourselves ripped off, patronised or sold something we don’t need, either in garages or car showrooms. I’m deeply encouraged to see Safe and Sound get on board with the FOXY ethos and support their female team members in this way.”

‘Safe and Sound’ was developed in 2010 after WMS Group conducted extensive research into consumer buying behaviour, which showed three things buyers wanted most when changing their car was (1) it was road legal/safe to drive, (2) it didn’t have a hidden past and (3) it was being sold at a fair price. It also became apparent that women typically had the final say on car purchase, and it was becoming increasingly difficult for buyers to find a trustworthy dealership which wasn’t going to sell them a dud.

‘Safe and Sound’s aim was to create a transparent programme which would not only rule out these buyer concerns, but also promote good businesses – and hopefully change the ‘Arthur Daley’ stigma attached to car dealers – so there is synergy and shared goals between Safe and Sound’ and FOXY.

The reason Safe and Sound’ has decided to work with FOXY Lady Drivers Club is because FOXY is dedicated to ensuring that female motorists get a fair deal, and not hoodwinked or treated unfairly by dealers, repairers or body shops. FOXY Choice, the Club’s sister company, is a network of female-friendly UK garages, publishing a Good Garage Guide including those which have signed up to its exacting female-friendly criteria, some of which have a female ambassador specifically to look after women customers.

“Our staff are delighted to have received their FOXY Lady Drivers Club membership,” says Steph Colinswood, Safe and Sound’ marketing manager, “as many of them know little about cars. Having access to the Club reassures them that they’re equipped with the knowledge and empowerment that comes with this level of motoring support. As a female-friendly employer we also believe lifetime Club membership for only £23 represents terrific value for money, especially as it doesn’t just cover the member but also her entire household.

By working with FOXY, we’re helping to spread their message and look forward to funding memberships for many more female employees in the future as WMS Group continues to expand. As a not-for-profit organisation, FOXY is unbiased and honest, and like us they’re passionate about the motor industry and making a stand for female equality. We’ll do all we can to help FOXY promote their fantastic business and are excited to be working with them.”

Coincidentally, last week WMS Group welcomed its first female account manager, responsible for seeking new dealerships to work with in this traditionally male-dominated industry. 

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