With winter almost upon us, we share our dealer survival guide for ensuring that your customers (and profit margins) remain protected over the festive period, including good business practises and practical tips for keeping your customers on the road. So without further ado, here is part one of three – we hope you enjoy reading it. 


Warranty cover

There is never a good time for your customer’s vehicles to experience a sudden mechanical or electrical failure, but during the lead up to christmas is especially difficult as many are saving hard so drivers are often forced to forgo the necessary repairs until the new year. Those with a warranty can usually rest assured that their motoring expense will be reduced, but no warranty will cover for lack of routine maintenance or accidental damage so it’s only good business practise to ensure that your customers are prepared for winter by topping up the antifreeze and coolant levels, checking for sufficient tyre tread, battery life, and operation of the headlights/taillights and heaters for starters.

If you aren’t offering a good warranty with your stock then any margin made on the vehicle would be at risk as the first sign of a problem and the customer will expect you to send out your own recovery truck, and have the vehicle repaired at your own cost, whilst they use your courtesy vehicle.

A comprehensive warranty plan such as our Four Star cover (for all cars and LCV’s up to 10 years/100,000 miles at policy start date) will protect the engine, gearbox, timing belts, turbo, cooling system, clutch, electrics, suspension, fuel system, steering, braking, propshaft and wheel bearings from repair bills* and as with all of our warranty products, includes the costs of parts and labour up to a claim limit of your choice. We also have the Five Star plan for vehicles up to 6 years/60,000 miles at the policy start date, which protects all of the mechanical and electrical components* and we can even include wear & tear cover for a small premium.

Breakdown cover

More breakdowns happen over the winter period than any other time of the year so you need to ensure that your customers are offered a good level of breakdown cover which includes home and roadside repairs and assistance, plus an onward destination service. Such a plan can pay for itself in excess of four times over – tow-in charges alone can reach £200 so for the RRP of £49 (based on a 12 month recovery package) customers can rest assured that if the worst does happen, that they will be attended to and recovered quickly. Our UK breakdown cover is equivalent to the products offered by the leading recovery providers, and customers can make up to six callouts per year with no excess to pay either.

Drivers should also be advised to keep a winter motoring kit in their vehicles for emergencies, including ice scrapers, shovels, de-icer, blankets, torches, spare bulbs, food and drink, spare tyre, in-car phone charger, a puncture repair kit and of course details of their recovery and warranty plan with the relevant contact telephone numbers.

If youre interested in working with the WMS Group for warranty or recovery, simply request your FREE dealer pack here and learn why over 3,500 dealerships have chosen us as their protection partner.