A recent analysis has shown that a staggering 90% of car dealers currently don’t have the facility for customers to book their service in online, and only 6% promote service plans on their websites to help customers spread the cost of car servicing.

The figures come from GForces, who are the UK’s leading digital sales and marketing specialists, after analysing the websites of the Motor Trader Top 200 dealerships.

Tim Smith, commercial director of GForces commented: “Aftersales is critically important for dealerships, accounting for around 80% of dealer profits, as well as providing the platform for driving customer satisfaction and loyalty. Implementing a proper aftersales web strategy can have a dramatic impact and we have seen dealerships that have introduced online service bookings increase take-up by over 500%.”

The report also showed that only 6% of the dealers had an online tyre shop which is an area where fast-fits dominate, and less than a third were selling vehicle parts and accessories directly to motorists.

Customer care and dealership profits are intrinsically linked, meaning that providing your customers with the products they need and can see the value in will not only add to your bottom line at the point of sale, but will also bear a phenomenal amount of opportunities where additional profit can be made. Using car warranty cover as an example, there are four key money-making scenarios – service work required to ensure the cover remains valid; repair work carried out under the terms of the product; extension plans available to your customers and renewal when the policy is due to expire. But what happens if your customers leave your showroom without the warranty cover that they will inevitably need? Well the answer is simple – not only will your future profit opportunities from those customers cease, but the margin you made on the vehicle itself will also be at risk as the first sign of a problem and they will expect you to send out your recovery truck, and have the vehicle repaired at your own cost whilst they use your courtesy vehicle.

If your website isn’t optimised for aftersales, then we have a specialist resoliciation team that can offer an exceptional aftersales service to your customers, proven to increase our dealer’s product penetration by as much as 80%, which has seen substantial increases to their bottom lines. 

Cementing the first stage of the customer care cycle by helping to prevent lost opportunities, our team can canvass all of the customers that you haven’t managed to sell the add-ons to, and at the same time, book them in for an MOT, service or car health check. We then take a commission payment from each sale. With drivers keeping hold of their vehicles for longer, our aftersales department means that dealerships could see an average of between five and seven years of additional revenue per customer – but this can only happen if the customers have the products in the first place! Additionally, they can also help you to organise open days by encouraging potential customers into your dealership, along with service and MOT reminder calls to provide you with additional revenue. The bottom line is that if you can’t or won’t sell it then we can, so it’s win-win for your business. There is no obligation on your part and no binding contracts – so why not put us to the test and see what we can do for you?

To ensure that you don’t miss any more profit opportunities, simply email us here with “aftersales” in the subject line, and we’ll contact you to demonstrate how our team can work for you with no obligation.

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