By Steph Colinswood, WMS Group marketing manager

Today’s post is inspired by the ever-moving landscape of the used car industry, and focuses on the reasons behind why your business needs to develop a consistent sales strategy for competing in a turbulent market.

Every business needs to make a healthy profit in order to progress but the problem is that the money to be made in the used car park is continually changing, meaning that dealers can no longer rely on just the vehicle sales to generate profit. So how can you ensure that your margins are not only protected, but also increased during these tough times?

We frequently hear dealers say that they can’t seem to sell add-on products (regardless of what they may be) to their customers. Is it really true that consumers don’t want the products you have to offer? Our thoughts are that you only have to look at the franchised businesses to see how their sales processes compare, where quite often they will have undergone a thorough sales training programme to ensure that their customers leave their premises with an assortment of peace-of-mind products such as warranty cover, GAP, paint protection and service plans. So why are customers buying such products from them and not you? Well to be blunt, the chances are that if you are struggling to sell the products then it is probably your closing techniques that need some work.

We don’t proclaim to be profit experts ourselves, but we do know the UK’s leading profit expert aka Rob Purfield who has worked with many of the largest franchises and manufacturers, and helped to boost their profits by as much as 60%! Rob has written a book called “The Ultimate Knockout Closing System” (please click the link to access it) and we suggest you read it and then contact us to discover how you can offer your customers the most comprehensive protection product range on the market today, coupled with our extensive services all designed with your profits in mind. Together with Rob’s words of wisdom, we’ll help you to structure a business plan which will not only enable long term growth for your dealership but will also demonstrate how you can add a continuous stream of ‘knockout’ profit to your bottom line.

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